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Maria Castro Dominguez


Maria Castro Dominguez was born in London, and is currently living in another isle, Las Palmas. She has written books of poetry including Four Hands (A Cuatro Manos) and the prologue in Jacobo Valcárcel's new poetry book Escondite Magico. She has contributed to several newspapers and magazines including Women's Weekly and . She is a lover of words and languages, a philologist and teacher.



seeing a voice hearing different,

smiles breaking frowns
ears, modulating silence, defeating drilling mundane
dancing tongues
swirling, forwards backwards, up and down, 

finger-printing, decorating phones, taps , laps and
hands talking under rain
dripping umbrellas,
configurating water
momentarily sustained on

shadows, dark
gesticulating sound tracks
of life

ephemeral sculptors
of creation, 
permanent of all 

Kneading Alives

Contrasts not oppositions
simultaneous rather than successive
syntagmatic lives in presencia
no paradigmatic ausencias
commute not substitute
reality lies in mutability
synchronized in perpetual vibration 
propagating lives of visionary exhibitions
eloquent Creators of
what is us
thus, we must become, allied lives.






copyright © Maria Castro Dominguez