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Justin Katko is the editor of Plantarchy, a new journal of poetry and poetics featuring work by American and British writers, as well as Critical Documents, a contemporary poetry press. He has worked in various medias and in such publications as Bad Press Serials, Big Bridge, eratio 6, Blackbox, Switchback 2, Drunken Boat 8, New World Poetry 5, xStream, The 3rd Page, dANDelion, Name, Dirt, Unlikely Stories, and others.


Collaborative works include two film-texts with Keith Tuma, a long poem with Keith Tuma, Holiday in Tikrit (Critical Documents) and a chapbook of visual poetry with  mIEKAL aND called Encryptic Dispensary (Eight Page Press). He was recently a media intern at mIEKAL aND's Xexoxial Editions and is working with Keith Tuma, cris cheek and Karen Schmizu to build Meshworks: the Miami University Archive of Writing in Performance. He has recently performed at the 2005 Electronic Poetry Festival, Birkbeck College, London.





From Dunk Yr Head / b/t Yr Legs and / Gulp that Water Itíll / Give You a Disease // Youíve Probly / Never Heard of





larry cauterized accesses hadji

lips office lobbed line spit

funnel click unwound green

button rub desert golf course cannibals


out of hot water times cold television ding

topological waves of foundational blunder

squat afloat as a fling on beyonce's shitter

grits dislocated teeth in a grind


o cult of the double-click happy occident

automatic recoiled clap down a head-row

dog tag snorts up emoticon snout

fatal swirly in a john on the 99th floored head


line: mobilized bloc goes down on the dollar

state's fresh breath's function of state mint





tooth cushion dripped in sworn

hand job-offer punctuation cannon

feral cream sand psycle oap scuttering

hummer twisted snake-like, generation pretzel


catacombs purring unfold aura lipped

hollow grams bore temporal openings

dent out the portal drill times beaking bleat

frying touch for the rot in her armpit's mouth


gimlet-eyed televising larry's coloured stim

silk panty coin check scone dq threats

blows cone's verb smoke out the dusted u hiss

shut yr cock garage hijack a rickshaw clouds


building 4 back-dropped by red morning sky

in my shoulder blades antennae whisper hadji code to me








copyright © Justin Katko