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Plagiarism in Poetry



In recent years in UK poetry publishing circles, certain poets have reproduced within their poems verbatim extracts from other poets’ poetry without permission and without acknowledgment. In response to this, poet and performer Ira Lightman has felt a need to expose and challenge such practices, and has had some success doing so. Because of this, he has become known in certain UK poetry circles as “the poetry sleuth”, and has featured in at least one UK mainstream TV news report concerning his activities in this area.


The feature presented here, comprises of three interviews with Lightman conducted by Amy Mackelden, Katy Jones (a pseudonym) and Rory Waterman. The interviews cover a range of issues surrounding the controversy. 


The feature also has an interview with poet and publisher Andy Croft, who has a more sympathetic view regarding the concept of “plagiarism” in poetry, and sees no strong arguments against it. He is interviewed by Robert Farrell.




Interviews with Ira Lightman


Interview with Andy Croft