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Deborah Priestley 

I live in Yorkshire and grew up in Ilkley. The moors and the river have always been very important places for me. I have been writing down my thoughts and feelings since being very young. I am an avid reader and love music (anything from opera to heavy metal), art and taking photographs. Since the age of 12 the music of Kate Bush has been a very important and inspirational part of my life. I was fortunate to have some of my poetry included in the anthology, The Thrill and the Hurting: Poems and Art Inspired by Kate Bush.





There's a penny in the patch
On the knee, on my jeans.
I put it there to remind me,
Just what love really means.

Wandering out from his room,
A little girl, smelling of perfume.

Kneeling down in front of a god,
Dressed all in pink,
I don't worry about,
What people might think.
Coz I wandered out from that room,
A little girl reeking of perfume. 


For Nick

To listen to the Riverman,
Is to sit there. 
Doesn't matter if it rains
Or snows,
If the birds sing 
Or if the wind blows.
Just to sit up against a tree,
Nick sitting there
Next to me,
Would be,

Light among the trees

Betty's cloud blew
Across the sky.
She just knew,
He was ready, to say goodbye.

Cellos tuning up
Along the riverside, 
Whilst he sat there
The world raining 
Through his head.
How that sadness settled there
In his thoughts,
In an easy chair.
Betty never knew.

His words flowed
Slowly past the riverman,
They sang their songs
With the babbling of the water.
How did that sadness settle there,
In his head,
In an easy chair.

Betty's cloud blew
Across the sky.
She just knew,
He was ready, to say, goodbye. 








copyright Deborah Priestley