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Responses to Poetry Wide Open: The Otherstream (Fragments In Motion)


The following is a list of poets and academics that have made responses Jake Berry’s essay, Poetry Wide Open: The Otherstream (Fragments In Motion) Many poets and academics (including those most famously associated with Language Poetry) were approached for their responses but declined. Other poets and academics that had initially agreed to respond ultimately declined. I mention this not as criticism but merely to explain the absence of people who one would normally expect to have responded and taken part in such a discussion.




In alphabetical order:



Ivan Arguelles 

Anny Ballardini 

Michael Basinski

John M. Bennett 

John Bradley 

Norman Finkelstein

Jack Foley 

Bill Freind 

Bob Grumman 

Bill Lavender 

Alan May 

Carter Monroe

Marjorie Perloff 

Dale Smith 

Sue Brannan Walker 

Henry Weinfield