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Mocco Wollert


I am female and live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I migrated to Australia from Germany. I am a member of the Society of Women Writers Qld. Inc. I write mostly poetry; in German and English. My work has been published in three books by Boolarong Publications: She is a Cat,  Reflections on Crystal Waters, and With Open Arms. My poems have also been published in literary magazines, newspapers and magazines such as the Bulletin.




Jealous of Beethoven

I find you staked out on the floor
of this melodic temple, your soul
stripped bare, your spirit naked.
The shivers down your spine
are not from my caresses;
your tears are enemies that burn
the core of me with bitter pain.

I feel the Masterís power over you
in those crashing crescendos,
his dominance reverberates
in dark, storm bearing drum rolls.
Standing beside your bier
I am a stranger, excluded
from your death of joy.









copyright © Mocco Wollert