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Jeffrey Side:


The Escape From Coherence: An Introduction to Creative Reading 


Ambiguity and Abstraction in Bob Dylan's Lyrics 


Poetry in Turbulence (or how to enjoy poetry without really understanding it)


The Dissembling Poet: Seamus Heaney and the Avant-Garde  


Multiple Registers, Intertextuality and Boundaries of Interpretation in Veronica Forrest-Thompson


What’s in a Name?: The Art & Language Group and Conceptual Poetry


Songs and Poems 


Limited Poetic Meaning and the Wordsworthian Legacy



Jo Furber:


Peter Redgrove’s ‘Tapestry Moths’



Geoff Stevens:


 Jeremy Reed: The Prizes and the Disappointments



Brian Ferneyhough:


Words and Music



Allen Fisher:


William Burroughs: Some Contexts for Visual-Text Production



Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino:




Afterword and Addendum to Nico Vassilakis’s STAMPOLOGUE  


Reading John M. Bennett: How to Read and Think about the Poetry of John M. Bennett  



Sheila E. Murphy:


Blueprinting the Poetic Structure



Jake Berry:


Further Reflections on Oblivion


Responding to Dana Gioia's, "Can Poetry Matter?"  



A. C. Evans:


Voices in Denial: Poetry and Post-Culture  



Ira Lightman:


Performing the Visual Poem  


Weightedness in Poetry: An Approach to Scott Thurston



Paul E. Nelson:


Inside Dolphin Skull



Andrew Duncan:


Groups and Boundaries: The Field of Poetry Around 1995



Adam Fieled:


On the Necessity of Bad Reviews


Century XX After Four Quartets


Lou Reed's " Street Hassle" and the Challenge to Post-Modern Poetry


Entitlements: Post-Modernity, Capitalism, and the Threat to Poetry's History 


The Conspiracy Against Poems


Composite Ideologies: Europe, America, Poetry, and the Internet  



Libbie Rifkin:


The Theory of the Avant-Garde and Practice



Anthony Cooney:


Modernism, Poetry, Verse and Worse



Jane Joritz-Nakagawa:


Unstable Identities  


On Feminism and Migration in the Work of Poet Mairéad Byrne


Escape from Zombieland: Steven Seidenberg's plain sight


Loss, Covid and More: Recent Contemporary Poetry in English



Tim Allen:


The Kiss of Life? The Kiss of Death? Some Thoughts on Linguistically Innovative Poetry and the Academy