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In Memory of Rachel Lisi


A tribute to the late poet and photographer, Rachel Lisi.



In Memory of Michelle Greenblatt


A tribute to the late poet Michelle Greenblatt.



A Survey of How Poetry Can Be Read and Written


This is an informative section of the Modern Poetry website, that looks at the ways various poets and critics approach the reading and writing of poetry. The website says 'some of these pieces refer mainly to non-British poetry, but in a way that throws light on techniques and procedures used in contemporary innovative British poetry.'



Wordsworth’s Empiricist Poetic and its Influence in the Twentieth Century


A PhD thesis, examining how Wordsworth's influence, made much of the poetry of the twentieth century more like prose than poetry.



A Little Poetry


One of the first poetry websites I discovered back in 2005. It is edited by Tracee Coleman, who I think deserves praise for her dedication to online poetry publishing since 1996, when the website was started. 



Jeffrey Side's Blog


A blog that over the years has caused some mild controversies in various poetic circles.



Unlikely Stories


Edited by Jonathan Penton, this poetry website also covers non-fiction, fiction, visual art, film,
music and criticism.



Big Bridge


Michael Rothenberg has edited Big Bridge for many years, and the website is renowned for its encouragement of new poets and writers. 



Modern Poetry


This website is a packed full of information about non-mainstream modern poetry. It is almost the Wikipedia of such poetry. It is edited by Peter Philpott, who has been an active promoter and facilitator of such poetry for years. 



poetry p f


This website, which has no "editor" as such, is a showcase of modern poets. It also aims, as the website says,  'to provide a focussed point for members to take advantage of the visibility and searchable presence the Internet provides.'



Odds and Ends: Essays, Blogs, Internet Discussions, Interviews and Miscellany

Jeffrey Side's  essays, blogs, internet discussions, interviews and miscellany, from 2005-2020.